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Saunders Family Farm Rhubarb Jalapeño Jelly


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Saunders Family Farm Rhubarb Jalapeño Jelly

A light as air pink jelly Saunders Family Farm Rhubarb Jalapeño Jelly reminds us of spring. One of our milder jellies, use it with poultry, or serve it with goat cheese.

Produce Pairings: Strawberries, Citrus

With Meat, Fish, and Seafood: Chicken, Turkey, Pork

Herbs and Spices:  Ginger, Mint

Nuts:  Almonds

Sweet: Dark Chocolate

Cheese Pairings: Cream Cheese, Goat Cheese,

Alcohol Pairings:  Gin, Vodka,

Why we love Rhubarb:

In 2700 BC, history records that in China, rhubarb was used for its medicinal qualities.

Rhubarb is low in calories.

Rhubarb is also:

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin K and magnesium.


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Additional information

Weight250 g
Dimensions7.47 × 7.47 × 8.6 cm


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