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Saunders Family Farm Strawberry Jam

Our Saunders Family Farm Strawberry Jam tastes like ripe, sun-kissed June strawberries, picked fresh from the farm fields.  Delicately sweetened, it’s delicious spread on morning toast, over warm oven baked scones, and between layers of decadent buttercream frosted cake. Think: Tea parties in the rose garden and summer weddings.

Saunders Family Farm Strawberry Jam Food and Beverage Pairing Chart

Produce Pairings:  Other Berries, Lemon. Rhubarb

 With Meat:  Pork

Herbs and Spices:  Black pepper, Mint, Vanilla

Nuts:  Almonds

Sweet:  Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Whipped Cream

Cheese Pairings: Brie, Cream Cheese

Alcohol Pairings:  Champagne, Pinot Noir, Vodka, Zinfandel

Why We Love Strawberries:

  • We grow them on our farm!
  • Did you know you can PICK YOUR OWN STRAWBERRIES at Saunders Family Farm in Windermere, British Columbia.
  • Our Saunders Family Farm Strawberry Jam is our Number 1 Top Seller in our jam category.

It All Started with a Simple Patch of Strawberries.

  • Although we have 35,000 strawberry plants, jam production actually outweighs the number of strawberries we grow.
  • The strawberries we use in our Saunders Family Farm Strawberry Jam are sourced from lower mainland British Columbia and are the same variety we grow on the farm.

And Strawberries are:

  • A little berry that contain a powerful range of antioxidants
  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in Fibre


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