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Our Story


“It all started with a simple patch of strawberries.”

In 2012, when Faith Saunders retired, after 21 years with the school board, she decided to use the strawberries growing on her family’s hobby farm, in Windermere, British Columbia, Canada to make bottles of sweet strawberry jam.

Our Story


“Four rows of strawberries would change the course of Faith’s life…”

Soon Faith had a small stall at the local farmer’s market. Tourists who bought the jam wanted to know if they could buy more online.

For the Christmas market she developed Raspberry Pepper Jelly. Santa Claus stuffed stockings to the brim, with this savoury surprise. Recipients wanted more.

Saunders Family Farm Goes Retail

Then in 2014, with an online store, and even more varieties of jams (Strawberry/Rhubarb, Raspberry, Saskatoon Berry, Blueberry, Peach) and jellies (Cranberry Jalapeño, Blackberry Pepper, Pineapple Jalapeño, Rhubarb Jalapeño  ) retail giant Sobey’s requested products for eight of their stores. By 2015, Sobey’s took Saunders Family Farm jams and jellies national.

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Today: Over 35,000 strawberry plants

Today, Saunders Family Farm has over 35,000 strawberry plants.   We invite you to our seasonal U-Pick.


Our Story: A  Little Further Back As Told By Tanner Saunders

Our farming history for my  family  began in 1858, when Henry Taylor, our ancestor, made the decision to become a farmer. Following in his footsteps, his son, Jacob Taylor, took over the family business. Then, in 1908, Jacob’s son, Jim Taylor (my great-grandfather), started his farming career. This consisted of grain farming, as well as fruits and vegetables in the Columbia Valley, British Columbia.  This is where my family’s farm, Saunders Family Farm is located today.

Great-Grandpa Jim handed down the knowledge of farming to his son, my Grandpa Joe Taylor. He married my Grandma Sanda. In 1953, the couple established Winderberry Farms in Windermere, British Columbia where they raised two children Faith (my mom) and Rodney. Mt grandparents provided a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to the Columbia valley for many years.

My mom Faith, and  dad Gordon Saunders continued the family tradition by establishing their own farm in 1986. They named their fruit and vegetable farm  Win-Valley Gardens. My brother Ryan and I had a happy childhood here.

In 2001, my family sold the farm, but the land drew us back. In 2009, my parents purchased what is now Saunders Family Farm. We were back home in Windemere, British Columbia! Since then, Saunders Family Farm has been providing fresh produce and preserves to local communities around the Columbia Valley in British Columbia.

My mother’s entrepreneurial spirit has never ceased to amaze me.  We’ve become a household name because of our jams and jellies. Today our products are offered in local specialty shops and grocery stores throughout Western Canada. We are currently expanding throughout the rest of Canada. Our  jams and jellies are also available from our new online store.

We hope you enjoy our jams and jellies as much as we enjoy making them.

Tanner Saunders